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We believe that success is collaborative. We align visionary product strategy with outstanding business results through thoughtful software engineering.

Our Elite Offerings

  • Business Product Management & Execution Advisory:
    Experience the art of sculpting businesses for impactful growth. We craft product and software engineering strategies with depth, delivering tangible value tailored for your customers. Whether your company is a zero-to-one venture-capital startup or a mature organization looking for its next growth spurt, you’ll receive customized guidance every step of the way. We bring the best practices of FAANG and Fortune 100 companies to your business.
  • Individual Coaching in Product Management and Software Development:
    Embark on a personalized journey to amplify your career trajectory in product management and software engineering. Here, you’re not a mere participant. You’re the next industry benchmark and we’ll help you get paid accordingly.

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Examples of Our Experience

Meet Our Leaders

  • Vivian Lim has over 16 years of product management, with a strong emphasis on strategy, zero-to-one growth, and customer engagement. Vivian has demonstrated profound acumen in leading product development at multiple tech giants. Her achievements include streamlining processes to drive massive revenue growth, fostering collaboration across remote teams, and innovatively employing machine learning and automation in product roadmaps. With proficiency in multiple programming languages and extensive technical skills, Vivian melds a unique blend of technical prowess with strategic vision, making her an asset to any product organization.
  • Andre Makram boasts 18 years in software engineering and DevOps. He has consistently driven impactful innovations, from improving SaaS platforms, leading to a significant revenue increase, to developing a 100% cloud-based solutions, to being awarded US patents on data replication. With adept skills in C#.NET, cloud technologies, and big data, he’s showcased proficiency in software architecture as well as team leadership, enhancing development operational efficiency and overall product quality.

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Select Testimonials

“Vivian is the most proactive product management leader I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to work across multiple cross-functional stakeholders was unparalleled in a part of the company that had formally never even had product management oversight at all. She brought clarity of vision, impact, and data to a team which counteracted recency bias and conjecture; this boosted collaboration, accelerated delivery, and minimized rework between parallel product workstreams. She improved team-wide processes for roadmap planning, estimation, quality control, and hiring talent. She coached employees both within and outside her purview to democratize product-first thinking. I would work with her again at any time.”Stacy Taylor, Senior Director, LegalZoom.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vivian for the past several months on a critical transition in one of my areas of responsibility. With Vivian’s help and leadership we transitioned the work without disruption to the service and the only noticeable difference to our customers appearing in the survey results with significantly increased satisfaction ratings. Vivian’s hands-on, thorough, programmatic approach enabled the success of the transition and a high performing run state operation.”Matthew Anderson, Director, Microsoft.

“Vivian is a dynamic and engaging technologist. She has the ability to quickly diagnose a problem and create an effective solution. I was particularly impressed by her understanding of a range of technologies and scenarios at a comprehensive level. It’s rare that you find someone who can translate the business value of a solution into a technology discussion without missing a beat. Her energy and passion are an asset to any organization.” – Nate McQueen, Founder, 23networks.

“Andre consistently demonstrates strong thought leadership and execution in our cloud strategy. The solutions he designs are practical, sound and yet sophisticated. He has established the bar for analytics and self-managed diagnostics for the team at large. He would make an integral part of any development team and I would be eager to work with him again.”Michel Abraham, President, CMIT.

“Andre’s orientation towards details is unparalleled. Time and time again, he uncovers critical ship-blocking bugs often and early, both in his feature areas as well as those of the larger team allowing us to deliver higher quality products. Furthermore, he establishes automated processes to reduce operational overhead thus allowing us to focus on our day jobs instead of DevOps. I strongly recommend Andre and would work with him again anytime.” – Martin Mao, CEO, Chronosphere.

“Vivian was an excellent support during our [product management coaching] session. She took the time to understand my background and the specific assistance I needed to maximize the session’s benefits. Vivian excelled as my mock interviewer, providing effective communication through verbal and non-verbal feedback. She played a crucial role in helping me structure my answers to align with company expectations.” – Garima, individual.

“I brag to my mock partners about Vivian’s [product management] coaching. Her style is no BS, this is what you need to get an offer approach. She’s very good at knowing exactly where you are and coaching you on where you need to go. She has a strong understanding of how to interview from Amazon (highly behavioral) to Google (highly product sense) that is a good balance for any company. I also found her coaching to be helpful for career advice. She is the best coach I’ve worked with.” – Marcell, individual.

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